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Me and Stacy meeting Rob Zombie!! Enough said!! We were in heaven!! Can you blame us!! He put his arm around me and I was just thinking..AHHHH FINALLY!!!!!

Me and Stacy meeting Sheri Moon Zombie. As soon as Sheri came up the the gate she saw me and pointed me out and said "HEY!!!!" "I saved you some shirts!!!" and she gave me 2 Total Skull shirts and took pics with me. When she saw the Mug shot I wanted her to sign from the House of 1000 Corpses Soundtrack she was like "AWE" She is absolutely the sweetest thing ever!! I love her voice in person even better in person!! I never felt so special!! Especially when she recognized me and saved me Total Skull gear!! How much cooler can anything get!!!!!

I finally met my idol!!!! I can die a happy girl now haha

Crotched the camera in!! Got a few shots. We were so damn close these pics dont do it justice. Me and Stacy were practically in the pit. And well Frank and Patrick were ha ha. Frank got a tattoo on Friday that takes up his whole other side and he was still in there!!

The show was intense!!!!!!!! I cant even put it into words... it fucking rocked!!

Fun random pics while jamming to Lacuna Coil and getting our drink on.

Me and Stacy getting a kick out of Frank's shirt! We were like hey we are at the Great Zombie show for real ha ha ha ha

Me and Stacy hott bathroom picture before the show kicked off.

I got me 2 stckers.. one of a naked chic that says FOXY FOXY and one of Zombie. I also got me a Living Dead Girl looking like a stripper tank top that says Rob Zombie which I am sure I will wear religiously.

I will never forget this night.... NEVER!
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Wow, how lucky! I'm glad you got to meet Rob and Sheri!
Yah I have been wanting to meet them forever!! Now I met all the Rejects he he
That's bad ass. Funnily enough, my buddy met him Friday night and brought me a sticker and an autographed CD. It was slick; but appears to pale in comparison to your night, you lucky bastard!!!
ha ha.. I got 2 stickers.. a Foxy Foxy naked chic and a Zombie one. Love it! Yah Sheri and Rob both signed her mug shot for me :) Now I have all the Rejects and Tiny and Ravellli too. I am framing them all
I'll add to the list by saying how lucky you are! Those pictures are great, glad you got to finally meet him and Sheri. I've loved Rob many years. I went to the concert here in Columbus on the sixth. It was beyond great, got to meet Christina Scabbia which was way cool but if I met Rob I'd probably die =) Die happy though I suppose!
Yah I saw Lacuna Coil come up in a limo before the show but their bus broke down and the limo had to drop them off and they were late for sound check so there was no time to meet them. The show was awesome. I had sweat dripping off me ha ha. It was so much fun!!!
Thats awesome! I saw you commenting on Rob and the Total Skulls myspace pages. I knew you were looking forward to seeing them. I'm so bummed I didnt get to meet them here in Orlando. But there coming back on the 30th. Any pointers or tips on how to meet em?
It depends on security.. all depends on security....... and its a matter of getting there either before the buses or stayin till they leave