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Rob Zombie's Halloween

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Halloween: A Film By Rob Zombie: On Set Pasadena, CA 02-08-07
By: Mr Disgusting

I’ve been on plenty of movie sets in my time, but never have I actually felt like I was IN the movie. Feeling like you’re in Haddonfield, on Michael Myers’ street and witnessing one of the largest and most talked about crimes in the history of mankind made me so giddy I couldn’t sleep. But how did it feel like I was actually in the movie? Let’s begin start at the beginning…

All I wanted to do was go home and sleep, being that I had yet another cold. When I walked in the door my phone rings – “Are you sitting down?” my friend asks, “Yeah, what’s up?” He pops the cork, “I know where they’re shooting Halloween right now, and it’s a freaking ZOO. You got to come by. It’s right by my house!” So quicker than you can say Michael Myers I was out the door with my roommate and fiancé and speeding down the 134E.

When we get to the set we had to walk all the way down the street and my fiancé had high heels on that were clicking super loud. I was like DUDE! So she popped off her shoes and we tip-toed are way onto the set. The entire street was closed off and there were spectators all over the place and kids getting autographs from Rob. We were like “perfect!”

We loomed around on set for a little bit and talked with the new Michael Myers, little Daeg Faerch, who plays the younger Michael. The kid was super cool and very excited to be there. He was rocking his full clown costume and clown mask, which looks pretty damn cool. My memory of the original’s look is a little fuzzy, but it looked pretty close other than the red shirt he wears over it (it actually makes him more realistic as a young teen). After that they called him to set, where the magic was about to begin…

Here we are, on the street that will now be Michael Myers’ street. The new house was only blocks from the original so, the design is similar, if not the same. There were trees as high as buildings looming over us like something out of a Tim Burton movie. Over in the distance was a giant, bright light on a crane being used to illuminate the entire set. We stood across the street as Director Rob Zombie calls action and I’m transported to the movie, I AM THERE. I’m a spectator, a neighbor across the street, who is witnessing the post-Michael Myers murders. There’s a coroners van, cop cars and an ambulance with lights flashing and random sirens going off. Out comes a gurney with the body of Judith Myers (Hanna Hall) lying on it, brutally murdered. Deborah Myers (Sheri Moon Zombie), who is dressed like a sexy, hippie stripper mom, is screaming in agony. Her daughter is dead. Michael Myers has been transformed into THE MICHAEL MYERS.

To me, I had witnessed the pinnacle moment in the film, the moment where Leatherface gets his chainsaw, or Jason Voorhess gets his mask. I was there, a neighbor to the Myers, standing on my lawn wondering “what just happened?”

Once they wrapped production for the day we had the chance to check out the interior of Michael’s house, where they had been shooting a scene in their living room. The place is that typical white trash environment you’d expect. Dirty table, beer cans and cigarette butts everywhere, a shot gun on the wall and family photos scattered everywhere. There were blood stains on the carpet and it looked like something had gone on in that room. What could it have been?!

In the end, we have more surprises for you that we can’t reveal just yet. But I can assure you that we know a few things that make us extremely confident about Rob Zombie’s remake. I think, when it is all said and done Rob’s going to make us all happy campers or happy Trick-or-Treaters. Michael Myers will live once again and his legend is only beginning.

Watch for HALLOWEEN in theaters August 31
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